Tellmany was founded on the principle that Individuals have a voice and it is powerful.

Your engagement and participation on social media platforms is valuable – regardless of how many followers you have. Your daily interactions with friends, family and followers impacts businesses and brands.

Your endorsement of a brand, business or product has the ability to impact your inner circles’ behaviour and awareness. Therefore you often make an active contribution to the success of a business without even realising it. Our vision is to change that – now you can actively participate and be rewarded for your contribution to your favorite brands and businesses.

For Businesses, Tellmany fills a void by providing access directly to everyday, local people who can talk about and promote your business. Word of mouth marketing is and always will be the most effective form of marketing that exists – we provide a way to leverage it in a hugely cost effective way.

In essence, Tellmany is simply a modern extension of word of mouth marketing.

Tellmany way founded by a small group of online marketers and entrepreneurs who strongly believe this is the future of marketing.

We hope you join us for this journey.

The Tellmany Team.